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On April 9, 2015, a devastating tornado destroyed my home. After my family came out of the basement, we quickly realized that every single thing we owned was gone. I have sold insurance for the last 12 years, but never dreamed that we would be the one who would need good insurance the most.

Our company was West Bend Mutual. Not only did they insure our home, but they insured 5 other homes too. All of them were customers of our agency. We all faced pure devastation.

West Bend Mutual was wonderful. While some insurance companies argued with their customers, West Bend Mutual wrote one check after another. They paid and paid and paid!

All of us are back in our homes. None of us were injured. We thank God every day for that. We are also thankful that we had one of the best insurance companies on the planet - West Bend Mutual.

Ryan Haedt

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